Welcome to the complete, fully customizable foster parent recruitment marketing program created to help your county children services agency overcome the critical shortage of foster parents available to assist kids in need. 

This online portfolio of foster-focused marketing materials can be customized with your agency's information and is designed to help attracteducate, and embolden those foster parent candidates in your county who are most likely to successfully complete certification and receive a child into their home. 

How do you get an individual to even begin thinking about the idea

of bringing a child into their home?

Step One:


Awaken interest and

drive people to action 

This is the heart of the program: below are some of the over 120 emotional marketing pieces designed to awaken the desire to help a child and take action to get more information. Tactics include: billboards, brochures, ads, posters, social digital, TV, video, radio, mailers and special opportunities.

All pieces are localized and fully customizable with: Your agency’s name, microsite link, choice of photos, and sized to your specifications.

Now that the individual is considering the idea of fostering, how do we make sure they will be committed enough to see the process through?

Step Two:


With your foster-focused microsite 

containing information to help the individual self-qualify

To make sure the enthusiatic foster-parent-to-be is realistic about the challenging process they are about to enter, the external marketing pieces will deliver them to FosterIn.com/[YourCountyName] Here, they can take in the enlightening information and videos before connecting to your customized Greeting Portal, ready to make contact with you.

Your Agency's LOGO

Your County Name

Step Three:


Through a foster-focused Greeting Portal, that you choose, branded with your agency's identity

The single-minded focus is on bonding with potential foster parents and encouraging action. 

No distractions. Just you and them. Just fostering.

Choose one of these Greeting Portal designs and it will be customized with your county logo, phone number, download links for your starting forms and orientation schedules, as well as a link to 

your full county website.

The moment they feel informed enough and confident to take the next step, the 'I'm Ready to Move Forward!' button will bring them to your customized Greeting Portal ...

Creating your customized recruitment campaign is easy ...

Easy to order through our web portal: 

Simply locate the piece you want, fill out the form, submit, and your customized marketing piece will be delivered to you via email.

Fast, Simple, Effective.

Digital Delivery: PNG or JPG

Print Delivery: High Res PDF

A powerful communications solution that is very effective. And very affordable. 

The only complete foster parent recruitment program designed to:


With specific messages aimed at connecting emotionally with specific types of people.


With a landing site that educates about the process, so only the most committed potential foster parents will continue on to your customized Greeting Portal and contact you to enter your training.


With a Greeting Portal that exudes optimism about the choice they are making, and causes them to feel more encouraged than ever to start working with you. 

And as an added bonus, this program will also help you:


With internal communications to keep foster-parents-in-training enthusiastic about seeing it through, earning their certification, and making a real impact difference on a child's life.



 Includes a tips newsletter and ongoing webinars suggesting how to maximize the use and effectiveness of the program for your county. 

Ready to start attracting more qualified foster parents into your county’s training program?


Inside You’ll Find:

• Program Goals

• Program Elements

• Communications Plan

• Cost of Ownership



We can set-up a mutually agreeable time for a phone call to discuss your pressing needs and answer any questions you may have about the Foster Recruitment Marketing Generator.

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