We offer a total, turnkey, CREATIVE & MEDIA CAMPAIGN that helps activate people who have fostering in the back of their minds to register for your next class, while ‘awakening the parent’ and planting the seed inside the minds of other people, priming them for a future class.

How much would one extra foster family be worth to your county children’s agency?

The placement dollars you save by attracting just one more foster family could be worth twice as much as the recruitment campaign that helps you do it. And, in some cases, much more.

Below are the most commonly asked questions about using our campaign:

What is included in the campaign?

Everything you need to fully engage and inform the residents of your county about your upcoming foster parent training classes (and why they should consider becoming a foster parent), including: > A complete, comprehensive creative recruitment campaign: —Twenty professionally produced print and digital ads (customized to the optimum size/configuration for use in your county’s papers and appropriate online sites) —Ten produced cable TV spots —Three produced radio spots —Four live read radio spots > Your own Foster-Focused Microsite containing enlightening information and videos about the challenges and rewards of fostering: —Acknowledging a person’s unique life experience offers the best chance of really connecting with them, so this site segregates and speaks one-on-one with experienced parents, and with people having no parenting experience. —Educational elements include what to expect with training classes (customized according to your needs), a ‘stage of life’ developmental overview, and links to actual foster parents discussing their experiences … the goal is to get the prospective foster parent as prepared as possible to take the next step and contact you. —A Greeting Portal further emboldens and encourages them to take acton! Along with an encouraging message, it features the start date of your classes and contains your logo, contact information, and any pertinent downloads (such as a ‘pre-qualify’ sheet) you would like added. > Strategic media planning, purchasing and placement by a skilled media professional: —Analyzing data and accessing impact and suitability of media opportunities in your county —Interacting with the creative team to discuss media options and which opportunities can be best leveraged —Negotiating with media to assure maximum reach, frequency and effectiveness for the media dollars allocated —Handling contracts and payment, and the trafficking of creative elements to proper media outlets —Monitoring the campaign

How soon do I need to contact you to be sure my campaign is ready to support our next training class period?

To properly plan the media buy and prepare all your creative elements, we must have your deposit at least 10 weeks prior to the start date of your classes. If you believe you may wish to use this recruitment campaign sometime within the next year, we suggest you contact us now. It will give you more time to learn more about the recruitment program and—just as importantly—allow us to learn a little more about your county’s specific needs (which will aid in our ‘kick-off’ meeting when you choose to utilize this campaign and our services).

What will the steps be?

1. It will begin with a ‘kick-off’ meeting via Zoom, where you will fill us in about your past recruitment efforts (Was there a particular media you felt ‘worked’ better than others? Do your staff members help support your recruitment efforts by posting messages on their social media?) and discuss your hopes for this recruitment class (How many seats will be available? Is there a special need for experienced parents? Is there a particular ethnic representation the campaign images should include?) 2. After our meeting, you’ll email us your agency logo, training class start date, and the phone number interested foster-parents-to-be should call to qualify/register. 3. We will dig in and begin developing your media plan, contacting media outlets, choosing which creative pieces to use and how much weight should be put behind each, customizing the creative with your county’s name and class start date. 4. Three weeks after our kick-off meeting we’ll all gather together again on Zoom, when we’ll take you through all the suggested creative executions and present the media plan, and discuss the rationale behind everything. Sometimes, there may be a couple options to choose from (“Go with full sized print, or maybe cut to half page and put more media dollars behind radio?") that we will all consider and reach an answer together. 5. With your approval of the campaign plan, our media expert will finalize negotiations with the media companies, pursue any extra value-adds, then secure and purchase the placements. The creative team will finalize all artwork and TV/radio production, then—at the direction of our media teammate—traffic all the creative elements to the proper media outlets. 6. Once the campaign begins, we’ll be tracking activity and keep you updated as to how many of your county’s residents are engaging with your microsite.

Do I get to change/alter the creative work?

No… at least not the ‘idea’ or essence of the creative (it’s proven to be very engaging and effective as is). But, based on the make-up of your county, if you feel a particular age or ethnicity of child should be represented, many of our print and digital ads offer alternative images.

May I continue to use the creative work once the recruitment period for our upcoming training classes is over?

No. We retain all rights to all work. If you wish to maintain momentum and continue building awareness and intrigue about being a foster parent in those periods between your training sessions, we offer a couple of effective ways of doing so ... Billboards A billboard is an excellent way to help keep fostering on the back of people’s minds, ready to be activated when your next recruitment campaign for your next round of training classes starts. We offer several different billboard options: A billboard is $1000 for 6 months usage or $1500 for a full 12 months usage, and includes continued usage of your Microsite. (Billboard planning & placement costs not included). Car Stickers A simple way to remind people about fostering everywhere you or any of your team goes: $800 for four (4) 12”x24” magnets for side of car and four (4) 6”x24” magnets for back of car. Yours to use forever.

Will this campaign attract would-be adoptive parents?

To maximize the effectiveness of this campaign and help fill your foster training classes, this campaign has foster-only focused messages. But, as a good number of foster parents do end up adopting, it ultimately does help attract would-be adoptive parents.

Who created this proven foster parent recruitment campaign?

Dan Fauver is an award winning art director. Randy DeMuesy is an award winning copywriter. Together, this creative team makes up Fauver DeMuesy Communications, LLC. For over 30 years, they have developed creative communications to promote local, national and international companies. Now Dan and Randy are bringing their marketing skills to the aid of county foster agencies like yours to help secure the foster parents you need to help more children find a forever family. Fauver DeMuesy Communications.
The power of advertising. Put to good use.

How the recruitment campaign works

Deciding to take a young stranger into your home and heart is NOT an ‘impulse purchase’. Rare is the person who gets the idea to foster today and signs up for a class tomorrow. It takes some people years until they finally do it. So our recruitment campaign is designed to not only attract those who are ready, but plant the seed and begin gently growing the idea of fostering inside more and more people in your county—so future training classes can more readily be filled, and future foster family quotas be met. ______________________________________________________________________ OUT THERE IN YOUR COUNTY RIGHT NOW ARE RESIDENTS WHO... ...NEVER CONSIDERED FOSTERING: GOAL: Awaken the parent inside How do you get an individual to even begin thinking about the idea of bringing a child into their home? With emotionally driven messages using the power of print, video and sound. Click the image below to see the playlist of 10 commercials. ______________________________________________________________________ OUT THERE IN YOUR COUNTY RIGHT NOW ARE RESIDENTS WHO... ...HAVE HAD FOSTERING CROSS THEIR MIND: GOAL: Educate and prepare them Now that the individual is considering the idea of fostering, how do we further their commitment to the idea? With a foster-focused microsite containing enlightening information and videos about the challenges and rewards of fostering. ______________________________________________________________________ OUT THERE IN YOUR COUNTY RIGHT NOW ARE RESIDENTS WHO... ...HAD BEEN SERIOUSLY CONSIDERING FOSTERING: GOAL: Activate them into taking action How do you create a sense of urgency and excitement to move forward? With engaging messages featuring the start date of your classes, and a greeting portal that further emboldens and encourages them to take action!

How it helped Ashtabula County Children Services

• With one month left until their foster parent pre-service classes were set to begin, only two people were registered. • That’s when a foster parent recruitment campaign for Ashtabula County Children Services kicked into action. • This intense and engaging three week recruitment campaign was seen and heard in newspapers, cable TV, radio, and online. And caused over 400 different Ashtabula residents to visit a special site where they learned a little more about how to become a foster parent … and why it was so worth it. >>> By that first day of classes, all 20 available seats were filled. “I reviewed the campaign elements and media plan with my co-workers. They were excited about having a coordinated campaign working on our behalf. We didn’t have to do anything except wait for the calls.” —Tania Burnett, Director, Ashtabula Children Services

What is the cost of the campaign?

As this proven campaign utilizes a strong rotation of print, cable TV, radio and digital elements, and the media cost of placing each of these varies from county to county, we developed a simple 9-tiered pricing system: Tier 1: $76,000 Tier 2: $65, 000 Tier 3: $54,000 Tier 4: $43,500 Tier 5: $37,500 Tier 6: $31,250 Tier 7: $25,000 Tier 8: $20,000 Tier 9: Custom pricing (counties with population >230,000) Which tier your county falls in depends on such factors as geography, population, number and circulation of newspapers, whether you’re served by major-metro or non-metro radio stations, and availability of targeted cable options. Learn the pricing tier of your county by calling Randy at 440-227-5059. Or request a download of Foster Parent Recruitment Pricing Tiers - Ohio Counties

What is the value of one Ashtabula foster family?

Aside from the obvious benefits and better outcomes for the child (being with a family setting in his/her hometown -vs- a group home or residential center, possibly in another county) there are the practical savings in placement costs. For Ashtabula, the average rate they were paying to place their children in each type of setting was as follows: Foster Family: $46/day $1380/month $16,790/year Group Home: $185/day $5550/month $67,525/year Residential Center: $297/day $8910/month $108,405/year So having just one more foster family available would mean another, better option for a child, and savings of $50,000 (more than the campaign cost) to $91,000 for Ashtabula when placing that child for one year.


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